A sequence of posts explaining George's approach to cycling with a (Garmin) GPS

Tutorial 4 - Logging your rides and mapping/viewing them

[This is an incomplete draft of the the tutorial in note form, to be completed.]

Making logs:

Use the 'start/stop' button to start logging. The next press of the same button will suspend logging and another press will continue the log in the same file. I tend to start a log at the beginning of the day and leave logging on because if I stop it during a break I often forget to restart.

To terminate the current log file and start a new one you have to use the confusingly-named 'Reset' function.  To do so, first use 'start/stop' to stop logging, then hold down the 'lap' button until the reset occurs. The current log file is closed and the next time you use 'start/stop' a new log will be started. Nothing else is altered.


Menu button > Settings > Map > Lock On Road > Off
If this option isn't set the log can include a lot of erratic assumptions about which road you were on! I find that this option needs to be checked regularly - the device sometimes seems to set it to 'On' unprompted!

Accessing log files on the device connected by USB to your computer:

The logs are in:

Garmin > History

With names like this:


You can copy them to your computer and/or upload them directly to a web mapping service.

[We will add material discussing the use of mapping services and the conversion of log files to navigable routes in a future tutorial.]


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