A sequence of posts explaining George's approach to cycling with a (Garmin) GPS

Current status of the tutorials

The first three tutorials:

Tutorial 1 - Device selection and purchase

Tutorial 2 - acquiring and installing navigable maps

Tutorial 3 - Creating and using pre-planned routes

are now all completed as planned. Comments and queries welcome of course.

Tutorial 4 - Logging your rides and mapping/viewing them is in note form only.

It's all very much a 'pilot' course at present. I'm aware that the differences between different Garmin devices are likely to cause some difficulties. The material is all based on my Edge 605 at present. It should be fine for the Edge 705 too. When I started this I was naively assuming that Garmin would keep things as consistent as possible, but that doesn't seem to be the case.The Edge 800 certainly has differences. I hope to get hold of one myself soon to find out what the differences are. I'm not very familiar with non-cycling-specific Garmins.

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