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A 4 day tour in Wales - Welshpool to Tywyn then NCN Route 8 from Machynlleth to Newport - 180 hilly miles »

A 4-day tour in North Holland - 400 km

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Jean was away on grandmother duty in Spain recently and I visited my daughter Anna and her family in The Hague (and did some grandfather duty). I then had a few spare days, so having taken my favourite bike with me to The Hague, I did this short tour in North Holland (the bit of above Amsterdam by the North Sea coast) and Frieseland (the bit on the east side of the IJsselmeer - formerly the Zuiderzee).

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Click on the picture for a full illustrated tour report which I hope to submit for wider publication in print or online:
Comments and suggestions welcome.

Although the early summer weather in The Netherlands wasn't good this year I struck a mainly dry 4-day patch with useful winds. The tour turned out really well, with good encounters along the way and a route plan that worked. I'd wanted to see those areas ever since our tandem tour in the southern part of The Netherlands in 2007

Mapped route

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